The imminent ban on the religious activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, if sanctioned by the Russian Supreme Court, will be a proscription on the collective psyche of all the religious-minded people of Russia of which Jehovah’s Witnesses are but a paradigmatic example. This will be for Russia and the world only a repeat of history, a vestige of mankind’s recidivism to its barbaric past; for civilisation is not always a progression.

Put briefly, the submission of the Ministry of Justice of Russia to the Russian Supreme Court is a motion for a ban on the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses and a liquidation of the organisation’s assets on the basis that the organisation is an ‘extremist’ organisation. The enabling law for this charge is the Russian Extremism Law of 2002. If the submission by the Ministry of Justice is upheld, the status of the Witnesses will change…

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Girl Next Door Part 7: Final Episode

Eso People.


By Sad Girl Says

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When I left the hospital the next morning, the first place I went to was Ibrahim’s house.

‘How do you feel bro?’ He asked me, looking into my eyes.

‘Very weak to be honest, but I thank God.’ I said, ‘and thanks fam, for the gifts you sent and the tweets.’

‘No P bro,’ Ibrahim said, ‘Lol, those tweets. You know people still saying “get well soon Nate”. Even people that don’t know you! I pity your mentions!’

‘Lol. :(( ikrr.’ I said. I still couldn’t believe that I trended on twitter. Like, seriously??? Mehhn, my friends are bad asses B-)

‘:* you’re welcome bro’ Ibrahim said.

‘:** ‘I said, ‘but Yasmine…

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Eso People.

Caveat – Concepts explained – Freewill demonstrated in Biblical examples – the price of freewill – Reward and punishment, considered in the light of predestination – Biblical examples of predestination? – Foreknowledge, not foreordination – Questions for thinking predestinationists – Credo

This topic implies a conscious belief in the existence of God rather than of an impersonal force responsible for ordering or sorting the chaos of existence. Therefore, the starting point is stating the necessary (and perhaps the obvious): that God exists, not just as a being, but as the Supernal Creator responsible for life in the universe. It may be noted too that this topic, although relying heavily on logic and human reasoning, is actually a Scriptural topic and references will be made prodigiously to the Bible. Finally, it should be borne in mind that this is not an exegetic attempt to justify the ways of God to…

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Girl Next Door Part 6; The Penultimate Episode

Eso People.

GND Part 6; The Penultimate Episode

Written by SGS – Sad Girl Says

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The first person I saw when I woke up was Yasmine. She was sitting on my bed, facing opposite me.

‘Where am I?’ I said. Ugh. Talking was so stressful.

Her eyes lit up. ‘Nathann! You’re awake! Are you ok? You’re at the hospital! Are you hungry? Your dad is here, lemme call him! How do you feel?’

She didn’t even let me answer any question. Well, hospital. That explains the hard bed and the weird smell. And then I remembered I had an asthma attack and fainted at #DOPE2. I wished they didn’t tell my dad. He gets so emotional at hospitals cause of my mom and all, It’s annoying.


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BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, The Biafran Armageddon by Joshua Omenga

Eso People.

Nigeria has swallowed a long pestle and can only sleep standing upright. Several years of misgovernment and incompetence – there is no need to enumerate – have brought Nigeria to an explosion point. The clock is ticking, the fuse is readying to light, but before it explodes…
Even from the standpoint of the cynic, the agitation for Biafra is real and urgent, and so should be its solution. But it seems that the stakeholders – or is it the power-holders? – are not aware of how real and urgent, even as news media make fortunes from its reportage. However, even if the government official, the politician, the minister and what-have-you brokers of power are unaware of these developments, the man on the street will not fail to notice it when, as now, the blood starts to flow; the woman in the market will not fail to notice it when tomato…

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Memories of the One by Joshua Omenga

Eso People.

The most dreadful moment in your life is the moment when the one you love is lost to you; when, in the dreams of your night you strain to grasp her shadow but she is gone. You will hear her voice in silent places, see her face in crowded markets, feel her touch in your loneliness – but the moment you reach out for her, she disappears. She is the phantom after which your longing desires shall never sate. But you do not believe it because you cannot bear the stunning reality.
Then shall you walk the streets with face bent to the ground seeking to find the unfindable. You shall look into your troubled mind for the moment when she was yours. You are content with a few moment of laughter with her, her face so near yours you choked with joy… In your search into the past you…

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