Mind of a king in d body of a
slave…success on ma bed,
waitin 2 b laid…am all abt d
cheese, bt i dnt take
pictures…i got so many h8erz,
jst a few well wisherz…i luk up
2 me. Ma mirror is on d
ceiling…n i do watz right, even
if its a virgin…most of ma drmz
died bt i kept sleepin…like a
pregnant woman in labour i
kept pushin…am nt d regular
guy am used 2 d horrible…my
life is a battle against d word
impossible…bt now am walkin
on d sea, deyr strugglin wit a
wave…2 gb card bt so many
lives 2 save…swag dumb.
Unspeakable…i only take
kisses, am impeccable…if
money talks, den my wallet get
bad mouth…black toms, yellow
socks so i dont shout…life is a
bitch so am dogmatic…n if she
misbehaves, i give her 2 my
calabar chick…Pun Star


5 thoughts on “About

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  2. There’s a penprince in Lagos Nigeria who is a writer. Had access to sites like Forbes.com, huffingtonpost.com etc. Are you him?

    • Well I’m a penprince. And I do reside in Lagos. But I do t have access to Huffington post or forbes. I did n do have access to my personal blog, and cerebrallemon.com
      Could it be it’s someone else you are looking for? Or it’s d same person just with a slightly askew job description. Maybe if u told me what u needed him for I might be able to better determine it it’s me or not. Honestly I doubt there’s another penprince writer in Lagos. But I don’t have access to Huffington post or forbes

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