Girl Next Door Part 7: Final Episode

Eso People.


By Sad Girl Says

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When I left the hospital the next morning, the first place I went to was Ibrahim’s house.

‘How do you feel bro?’ He asked me, looking into my eyes.

‘Very weak to be honest, but I thank God.’ I said, ‘and thanks fam, for the gifts you sent and the tweets.’

‘No P bro,’ Ibrahim said, ‘Lol, those tweets. You know people still saying “get well soon Nate”. Even people that don’t know you! I pity your mentions!’

‘Lol. :(( ikrr.’ I said. I still couldn’t believe that I trended on twitter. Like, seriously??? Mehhn, my friends are bad asses B-)

‘:* you’re welcome bro’ Ibrahim said.

‘:** ‘I said, ‘but Yasmine…

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