Girl Next Door Part 6; The Penultimate Episode

Eso People.

GND Part 6; The Penultimate Episode

Written by SGS – Sad Girl Says

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Click here for part 2
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Click here for part 4
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The first person I saw when I woke up was Yasmine. She was sitting on my bed, facing opposite me.

‘Where am I?’ I said. Ugh. Talking was so stressful.

Her eyes lit up. ‘Nathann! You’re awake! Are you ok? You’re at the hospital! Are you hungry? Your dad is here, lemme call him! How do you feel?’

She didn’t even let me answer any question. Well, hospital. That explains the hard bed and the weird smell. And then I remembered I had an asthma attack and fainted at #DOPE2. I wished they didn’t tell my dad. He gets so emotional at hospitals cause of my mom and all, It’s annoying.


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