The Waking Dream

Darkness clutched me at the nape of the neck, dragging me back. I reached out. Then my hand found it, the light switch and light, sweet warm light flooded into the living room. Awake and slightly disoriented, i staggered to a sofa, stifling a yawn, wondering why I had sleepwalked to the sitting room then woken up. The tick-tock of the wall piece drew my gaze. 3.47am. Still morning. Everything was quiet. That half quiet that signifies the early hours of morning. The solemn quiet that frogs and other nocturnal elements failed to respect. Frogs croaked, some insect I couldn’t identify chirped.
I stifled another yawn, then another, then let the third one go unrestrained, guiding it along with my splayed fingers. After searching my mind unsuccessfully for why I had woken and walked to the sitting room I stood to go back to bed. Then I spotted it. The padlock to the ‘protector.’ I stared at it confusedly for a while, then my half awake mind connected. If the padlock was here then the protector was unlocked. As I walked foward to investigate further, the handle of the door creaked and the door swung open…
…then I woke.
What a weird dream. I felt thirsty so I after stretching groped my way to the sitting room as the corridor light was bad. As the light came on my eyes fell on two things that stole the sleep from my eyes, sharply bestowing clarity and at the same time leaving me in even deeper confusion. One, it was exactly 3.47am, and incongruously, the ‘protector’s’ padlock stared at me calmly, in defiance of all logic. “You can’t be here I thought confusedly and it can’t be 3.47am. That happened before. Which is dream, which is reality?” Then the door swung open…


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