Eggshells I – Running Mate

You know, one of the most fragile things we have are eggs. Tender spheres that contain life, our greatest treasure. Impossible to replace, but unbelievably easy to break. You know what’s even more fragile than eggs? Broken eggs. I’ll like to liken eggs to people. Incredibly fragile. And even more fragile are broken people. There’s a lot of broken people out there. In fact, almost everyone you know is broken emotionally, psychologically, and in some cases, visibly, ie physically. These people are hard to find, even harder to care for. So I came up with project ‘eggshells’ to help these ones. I had originally planned to write a self help book titled ‘Eggshells’ detailing the things I have learnt about coping with brokenness. And yes, I am one of the broken. And who better to talk about heat than one who has been through the fire. While I do not feel ready yet to write the book, I will be releasing a series of short essays, a prelude if you will, testing the ground. The book will follow after depending on the outcome or response to these write ups. This is the first of them and it’s titled ‘Running Mate.’ Don’t forget to leave your comments if you benefit from it, and kindly recommend to anyone you think might do so.

Eggshells I – Running Mate

Remember when you were younger? Your biggest problem was finding a playmate. Then eventually that graduated to passing common entrance. After that in secondary school, you needed to get a girlfriend. Now lets assume like me you’re in the university. You’re either battling with grades or you don’t have enough money to spend. Some still have the secondary school girlfriend problem. They graduated but their problems didn’t. Perhaps those were the lucky ones. Fast forward a few years, sift through the possible futures like in Marvel’s parallel dimensions. You have graduated successfully, with a good job and lots of cash, but you can’t find someone to share it all with. Someone genuinely worth it. Everyone around looks to be opportunists or lack the qualities you need in a partner. Suppose you do finish with a college sweetheart, you do so with bad grades as you spent your study time wooing her and your savings winning her. Even if you do get it all right. Mate, cash, all, in a few years there’s kids. What a bother. It may be a sweet one, but still a lot of bother. And as time flies there’s likely to be one health issue or the other. For your aged parents there’s more than one, there’s a multitude. If you’re not already  rushing around in a panic trying to keep them alive. Do you get it yet? There will always be a problem, that’s the real problem. These things don’t go away. Your rising position in life doesn’t let you skip them. They change positions with you. Worries, problems, we will always have them. They are superbly athlete. You can’t outrun them. They pace you every step of the marathon of life. When you think you’ve escaped the problem you’ve only switched partners. That problem has handed the baton to another.  There will always be a problem. Always. If that doesn’t change though, what has to? You. It is you who has to change. The sooner you make this realisation, the better. lnstead of looking for a time where the  sun will rise and hang steady in the sky drying your clothes and warming your ass, buy an indoor hanger and learn to dance in the rain. How to do this? Note firstly that I am certainly not advocating for laxness or relaxedness neither am I rooting for giving up because there will always be problems. By all means try to solve your current ones. Go on, exchange one for the other. Its what makes life fun. Doing so gives one the illusion of progress  as opposed to the disatisfaction of standing in one place. But while  you are doing this, do not expect to someday find a utopia. There is none. Every moment is precious despite its accompanying woes. Try to enjoy it as such and no less for them. When the sun does break through the clouds to show its rosy cheeks, be thankful for it but understand that it will mostly always be cloudy. But not to worry. Every cloud has a lining. Go on, search for it. It is silver. That should make finding it easier. Never forget your silver lining because of your problems. Its the other way around. Your silver lining is supposed to make you forget your problems.  Do that and you’ll be fine.


12 thoughts on “Eggshells I – Running Mate

  1. Guy, I’ve not enjoyed reading something in a while, probably because it’s all been cases and sections lately(kind courtesy -exams) But this, refreshing, deep, true and beautifully crafted. You’re on point bro, don’t let up…

  2. I really like this cos it’s smart & true & pragmatic without being condescending, & I think you should finish writing it as soon as possible & I think you’re a very versatile person & writer. And also I love you lol. 😁

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