So much

So Much has happened
Over time.
In blank form
With Neither reason, rhythm nor rhyme
The golden light of dawn touching the horizon
The slap of palm on pale buts
Tiny voice through even tinier pipes
So much has happened since then
Planetary bodies shift in rhythm
Heartbeat, thuds and thrums the same
The soft soft patter of steps
Little god
Soft steps
great man
Giant steps
Feet on the moon’s crescent
Chatters and stutters
Booms and thunders
So much has happened.
Whispers of words on parchment
Beginning of enlightenment
Same time
Flashes of lightening
Illumination for landscape
So much has happened
So much is happening
In heaven and on earth
So much will happen
To one and other
To both
Race across the heaven
White light of falling star
Red lines on paper
Marks of rising man
harmattan wind
Mist in air
Clouds in lungs
Puff puff of smoking motorcars
Clouds in sky
Did mingle and touch
Fingers did interlock
One more did happen
The tremble of airplanes passing through the air
Steady beat of pulse at base of neck
Raindrops falling to the ground
Tears dropping from eyes
Multi coloured bow following after
Herald of hope
Lips lock and interlock
Song of tongues and hearts
So much is happening
Too fast.
An end is approaching
The mud slides
The snail slows even more
Not much is happening now
The beep beep of the heart machine
A peal of thunder
The soft plod of a closing lid
Silent yet thunderous
It is daylight, Was daylight,
Now an Eclipse,
So much happened
Now nothing is happening
But endings are brief things
Just like beginnings never end
Another slap.
Dark cheeks this time
Sun risen anew
So much happened
A cycle
So much will happen again


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