Of Tragic Love & Broken Dreams


I saw you on the wings of a white pegasus

innocent as a baby’s tender smile

and i sailed to meet you

on the back of my silver dragon

proud as a warrior’s back

our love took us to heights undreamed

and our passion eclipsed even the three moons of Jupiter

for when i was with you i felt stronger even than Jupiter

our love was a furnace

and our passion a hard hammer

with which we forged a chariot of fire
and soared over the night sky in consummation

with you by my side i was unlimited like mtn ‘bis’

together we would climb the clouds
and stride the stars

Colonise the cosmos
and galvanise the galaxy

before us would kneel the nexus
as we ruled together

as king and queen

…so we thought

But oh the folly of dreams and the tragedy of love

my mind still traverse the plains of time though

back to when i first met you

I knew then you were special
like rare metals

our spirits connected

ethereal magnetism

the twinkle in your eyes

the sparkle of your smile

making my breath catch

the depth of your words almost drowning me

the cadence of your speech beating in my chest

your life was an uncharted maze i meant to plot

but it went south after

and that made me nuts

I watched you slip through my fingers

reached out to catch you…

…too slow

you hit the ground

heart first

lovely as porcelain

the selfsame quality of fragile

its no surprise when I hear you shatter

bitter shards of sound piercing my eardrums

thin slivers of remorse penetrating the walls of my soul

the dam bursts and guilt floods in

the wet showering me with the realisation

I had broken your heart


I had broken our heart.


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