All is dark

It’s rare that something makes me want to run screaming

Howling my rage and anger

Pain and misery

At the innocent moon

Its rare that I write and teardrops blur the ink in my parchment

often theres a hole in my heart

I’m empty half the time

But never this sour, never this sorrowfull

Now theres a hole, where I was never whole

A void stretching downwards to infinity

Into the bowels of lowness

Where my dimly beating heart resides

As I write this my hand wavers, my pen stutters

Too tired to record these depressing emotions

I try to see hope in the future but my vision is dim

I try to grasp the hand of faith, but my limbs are unresponsive

I’m floating

The body thats been to the bottom of the pool and rises up

baptised by the pain and the agony of drowning

Now adrift I float

An endless stretch before me

No longer questing, searching, hoping.

Darkness envelopes me

Claims me for its own.

I no longer fight

My tiny spark extinguished by the enveloping deluge of despair.

All is dark.


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