The colours of trust

Trust is multicolored and diverse
Not black and white

It comes in many colors and shades

And its renderings, just as numerous

As the sands of the desert

Tis vast as oceans and just as deep

Tis sometimes a weakness sometimes a strength

In many rivulets runs its rivers

It manifests two main shades

That of giver, that of receiver

From the giver, tis sometimes blue

The soft azure blue that watches

Weighs and waits not waning

Like the sky it watches from above

In understanding and wisdom

Not near, not deep, just right

Tis weakest when its brown

And strongest when its gold

The yellow fire of gold burns true

And its golden glow
Can be shared only amongst the truest of friends

Tis strong as Alexander’s army

And as encompassing as its victories

From the receiver a different shade

One that returns, compliments and

That given by the giver

In the painting of trust,

The paint or color of receiver is sharper

Than that of giver.

It could be the blue that compliments the gold,

Or the green that meets the yellow.

But sometimes, tis painted red

The red of treachery,

The red of hearts blood flowing,

The juice of a sapling cut,

The scarlet from an oozing wound

The cold color of death.

What color shade or hue do you paint friend?

surely not the traitorous dark of red for if it is,

then ‘am betrayed and sold away like Jesus

’cause mine is the gleaming gold of Joseph.


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