written to those we crush on

And to those that crush us

love is a conflicting emotion,

tender as a spider’s web

yet hard as an anvil

when it strikes, it can leave us feeling charged as lightening

or weak kneed and frightened

this oft time fickle emotion hath
brought kings to heel

and ground kingdoms to a halt

older than time and deeper than oceans

its an emotion all mortals and even
most immortals profess to

some hath claimed theirs is larger than life

when it was actually too small to be
in it

love’s flickering flame wavers back and forth in the hearts of most

yet mine is a blazing inferno that

eating away my doubts and firing the clay shards of my certainty

through thick and thin, thicket and

i journey love”s wilderness, armed with a sickle

and after nigh a decade of crushing on and crushing,

i can rightly say, that my sight is

my love is pure,

and my heart is yours.


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