Of neglect from an angel

once i stood at the top

looking down on the world

but my vantage point gave way

and my slender perch crumbled

showing just how precarious man’s position
really is

now i’m falling

down down into the dreary depths

as i fall, i look up to see the cherubic face
of an angel


as i fall time split

into a thousand fragments,

each piece magnified

and as my life flashes before me, i wonder

would my angel catch me?

or wud she let me float on into oblivion?

was this damnation, or salvation?

had she come to save?

or see that i met a
deserved end?

in my never ending drop,

as i fall, into the
bowels of the earth,

i reach for her…

and my hand closes on air

she dosn’t catch me

in an instant, love is lost

stranded in the beyond

seeking to be let back in

dissappointment and pain seep in through
the cracks in the door

Anguish and pain set in

but as with everything,
even my eternal seeming fall must come to
an end

and when it does, if i am still healthy and
hale enough,

i would ask my angel

why didnt you catch me?


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