Red Brothers

Red Brothers

Blood and roses

Beauty and fragility

Life and death

Two opposite destinations

Bound by one path

They are one and the same

Beauty and fragility

Inextricably linked

People so fragile

Roses so tender

Yet both infinitely precious

And easily crushed in the brutish grip of life

Those petals

Crushed and blown away by wind

Before they had a chance to blossom

Those droplets

Soaked up by the absorbent loam of death

Precious liquid spilt on desert sand

Red petals borne away by wayward wind

Crimson blood on white linen

Blood and roses

Ashes and water Are whats left

Of our greatest treasures

Yes Life is our greatest treasure

And its absence our greatest loss

Not rare metals

Nor precious diamonds

But you Whose flame was snuffed out

Where did the fire go when the candle was put out

We know not

But hope

That someday all d lost flames may burn again

A blazing inferno obliterating the dark

For now though we mourn

The spilt blood

And crushed roses.

…Written to the numerous dead following the recent happenings in our only minimally lawful society.


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