Ok here goes nothing. I‘m not getting married right away. Still am doing an introduction. Hah!!! Not that kind of introduction of course that‘s just pun u knw…play on words. This is the kind of introduction where u say something about yourself. Most people would go…“am nice, funny, caring, bla bla bla.“ i‘m not gonna do that ‘course am not boring. Another thing i‘m not is dishonest. But enough about what i‘m not. Lets talk about what i am. Brace yourself peeps cuz am gonna b talking. No backspace that. Am gonna be typing for a while and you‘re gonna be reading for a while…i am a lot you see. Cockymuch huh? Ya i am. For d rest, i am…
1)Poet…you know, those people who write romantically silly stuff about love and stuff. Ok , i do write silly stuff about love sometimes bt most of the time, its the gritty harsh realities of life i pen down…and my dark, unsavoury thoughts(just kidding…only a bit though). But don‘t get it twisted like my musically inclined friends would say…i am a romantic.
2)Writer…well thats related to poetry but its also more than that. I write lyrics, novels, scripts, articles, essays, what have you? I even write history. Hah. Pun again. Perhaps you should call me a pun star.
3)Thinker…well, having mentioned that i‘m a writer and poet. You can do the math(if you‘re good at math that is) I am a heavy thinker. My thoughts are the fuel that powers my pen. I do a lot of thinking and contemplation. Call them musings if you will. My head is mostly in the clouds and am always lost in my thoughts. Its not a bad place to be…the outside world is a much nastier place. But then you know that.
4)Eater…I shoulden‘t have to say much here. It should be fairly obvious. I do a lot of thinking…so i need food for thought.
5)Gamer…i‘m not a gamer cause i don‘t have a life. I‘m a gamer cause i have many lives.
6)Dreamer…yea. i got a lot of dreams. And i dream new ones regularly. Its kind o‘ funny, but my dreams keep me firmly anchored to reality.
7)seducer…just kidding. I am a ladies man though.
That‘s it. What more you wanna know about me? Personality? Ok i‘m heavily cynical, got a phd in sarcasm, troublesome, terrible tease, slighly sardistic streak, which also extends to myself too sometimes…yes marsochism and i‘m complicated. That‘s on the down side. On the good side, i can be mysterious, eccentric, witty(aint no baker though), fun to be around, creative, incredible, and totally worth your while as you will find out.


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